Putting Your Plan Into Action

Put our decades of experience to work for you. Across the upstream and midstream sectors, Omnia leverages renewable technologies, data analytics, and expertise to help maximize the value of your assets, achieve Environmental, Social, and Governance goals, and build a balanced energy portfolio for long-term sustainability and success.

Tap into our years of expertise in designing, constructing, and operating facilities with flexible commercial structures through:

Solar & Battery Integration Specialization

By integrating solar energy and battery storage into oil and gas operations we can supplement dynamic upstream and midstream power demands to drive responsible growth in traditional energy.

Our approach enables operators to: 

  • Deliver sustainable energy transformations
  • Reduce carbon footprint for oil, gas, and midstream service providers
  • Save on utility costs and lower demand charges during peak rate hours
  • Improve runtime and reduce operating expenses through improved voltage, harmonic, and power factor issues on privately operated micro-grids
Private Equity Advisement

Carbon Capture & Sequestration (CCS)

PRCS Ryan Map

Carbon capture and sequestration is a key strategy in mitigating carbon emissions and is expected to grow dramatically given the recent passage of enhanced 45Q incentives set forth in the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). Aggregating CO2 volumes from a number of sources with interconnectivity to multiple storage sinks and EOR outlets is crucial to mitigate risk and achieve economies of scale. A key element to the success of a carbon capture and sequestration project is finding a suitable sequestration site to store the Carbon Oxide emissions.

Omnia is currently developing Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) and Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) opportunities in the Permian and Midcontinent Basins. Our upstream and midstream expertise combine to effectively identify and categorize areas with the most optimal economic overlap between source and sink for CCS.

We originate and develop CCS and EOR opportunities by:

  • Supervising complex MRV and Class VI permitting processes
  • Leveraging key partnerships with world class upstream producers
  • Employing proven subsurface characterization techniques
  • Quantitative risk assessment¬†
  • Using in-house capabilities to screen for Fault Slip Potential
  • Providing technical evaluation on potential injectivity and storage capacity
  • Capital formation and flexible ownership structuring
  • Operate assets and monitor plume migration
  • Directing pipeline and surface equipment design and operation

Permian Regional Carbon Sequestration Hub

Omnia has led the initiation of a Carbon Capture and Sequestration project called the Permian Regional Carbon Sequestration (PRCS) Hub, situated in the Delaware Basin. This project is uniquely positioned at the confluence of prime geology, a substantial landholding, and accessible CO2 sources.

We employed robust subsurface characterization techniques, conducted quantitative risk assessments for fault slip potential and induced seismicity, and evaluated injection and storage capacities. We’re confident that our groundwork on PRCS, coupled with increasing CCS incentives and cost savings, will unlock significant opportunities for economical capture and sequestration within the Permian corridor.

PRCS Ryan Map

Traditional Midstream Services

Our team holds vast experience in the Mid-Continent, Permian, and Haynesville Oil and Gas Plays, having overseen the construction and management of over 1,000 miles of natural gas gathering pipelines, 800 million cubic feet per day (Mmcfd) of cryogenic processing, 125,000 horsepower of gathering compression, 200 miles of power distribution, 250,000 barrels per day (bbd) of produced water disposal, and 10,000 bbd of truck rack capacity. We have also played a significant role in leading the merger and acquisition of natural gas gathering, processing, treating, and storage assets for public companies.

  • Crude oil gathering, transportation, and storage
  • Natural gas gathering, processing, and transportation
  • NGL transportation and fractionation

Our traditional midstream services also include expertise in: 

  • Pipelines
  • Blending and storage
  • Marketing

Consulting Services & Asset Diligence

Our consulting services provide comprehensive asset diligence in the midstream, helium, solar, and carbon capture space. Our team’s deep bench of commercial and operational expertise allows us to identify potential bottlenecks and unlock value within a project. We can help clients navigate complex regulatory requirements, optimize operations, and enhance profitability.

Commercial, Acquisitions, and Divestitures

Our commercial due diligence expertise can help assess, identify and define opportunities to capture value:

  • Asset and project valuations
  • Commercial contract review
  • Market share growth assessment and strategy
  • Competitive landscape evaluation

Operational Assessments

Our operational due diligence professionals are well versed in qualitative and quantitative assessment of operational requirements, risks, opportunities, and red flags. We help clients understand and preempt potential operational issues such as:

  • Asset KPIs not being achieved
  • Resolving project milestone or capex budget blowouts
  • Market share growth assessment and strategy
  • Determining appropriate valuation for the asset or project

Helium Recovery

As demand from the Tech and Space sectors continues to grow, the supply of helium is becoming increasingly limited. Due to its high value, the recovery and liquefaction of helium from natural gas has become an attractive option. Our team is well-equipped with the expertise needed to construct and manage assets that can extract valuable components from a gas stream, including helium. We have constructed and operated Pressure Swing Adsorption and Cold Box Helium Recovery Units.

Our Services Include: 

  • Separating helium and nitrogen components from natural gas through unique cryogenic and pressure swing adsorption processes
  • Building and operating unique Midstream assets¬†
  • Customizing commercial arrangements to fit specific customer needs