Recent Projects

Desert Mountain Energy 1

Helium Recovery Plant – 1.4MW Solar Integration

Our team successfully integrated a 1.4MW solar array into Desert Mountain Energy’s Helium Recovery Plant in the Holbrook Basin. The plant employed a Pressure Swing Adsorption process driven by natural gas generators, solar power, and batteries. Omnia was tasked with providing an emissions-free renewable source of electricity for the McCauley Helium Recovery Facility, which lacked…

PRCS Ryan Map

Permian Regional Carbon Sequestration Hub

Omnia has led the initiation of a Carbon Capture and Sequestration project called the Permian Regional Carbon Sequestration (PRCS) Hub, situated in the Delaware Basin. This project is uniquely positioned at the confluence of prime geology, a substantial landholding, and accessible CO2 sources. We employed robust subsurface characterization techniques, conducted quantitative risk assessments for fault…

Distressed Debt – Helium Recovery

Distressed Debt – Helium Recovery

Omnia conducted a thorough qualitative and quantitative evaluation of a privately held Helium Asset located in Arizona. We provided the creditor with a comprehensive report detailing the asset’s current operational requirements, risks, opportunities, and any regulatory concerns. Through our analysis, we identified why the underperforming KPIs were not being met and suggested preemptive measures to…