Refined Products Pipeline Solar and Battery Storage Feasibility Study

Integration of Solar Photovoltaic Energy and Battery Storage into Pipeline Operations

The Brief:
One of the nation’s leading common carrier pipeline operators of refined products, serving more than 70 major cities in 16 states, engaged Omnia to explore the development of photovoltaic generation and storage facilities to supplement existing pipeline infrastructure and operations.

Our Response:
This Feasibility Study included a systematic review of raw operating data and utilized data analytics to develop a solar and battery storage strategy tailored to the client’s unique operations and power demands.  Omnia identified and quantified the specific operational benefits of this solar solution that would provide reliable power at a lower cost than the alternative.  Omnia worked directly with the client’s facilities group to ensure optimal sizing of the solar array and resultant operational benefits were achieved.

The proposed solar array is expected to generate roughly 2,267,702 kWh of electricity per year, at a cost of $2.02M before tax credits and $0.8M after tax credits. The installation process is estimated to take around 36 weeks to complete. The Solar Levelized Cost of Energy of $0.078/kWh is significantly lower than the average utility rate of $0.15 per kWh, making this a cost-effective solution for meeting energy needs.

*Some company names have been omitted from these case studies to protect the confidentiality of our clients.