Helium Recovery Plant – 1.4MW Solar Integration

Our team successfully integrated a 1.4MW solar array into Desert Mountain Energy’s Helium Recovery Plant in the Holbrook Basin. The plant employed a Pressure Swing Adsorption process driven by natural gas generators, solar power, and batteries.

Omnia was tasked with providing an emissions-free renewable source of electricity for the McCauley Helium Recovery Facility, which lacked access to electricity due to its remote location. To meet this challenge, Omnia designed, constructed, and integrated the solar array, supported by banks of batteries and generators, that will provide power even during cloudy and shorter winter days.

We conducted a feasibility study and managed the installation of the solar array, which was then seamlessly integrated into the client’s power supply for the Helium Recovery Plant. This renewable-energy solution provided island power to the plant, leading to reduced operating expenses and a decreased carbon footprint.

This solar project utilizes cutting-edge photovoltaic technology, incorporating American-made solar panels, inverters, and battery storage. The 3,600 solar panel array covers 6 acres of adjacent land, resulting in a reduction of 1,372 metric tons of CO2 emissions annually while meeting the power demands of the Helium Processing Facility.