Devon Stateline Field Solar Photovoltaic Array and Battery Storage Project

Integration of Solar Photovoltaic Energy and Battery Storage into Production Operations

The Brief:
Devon Energy commissioned Omnia to perform a feasibility study on the integration of a solar photovoltaic array and battery storage to enhance its oil and gas production operations in the Stateline Field in the Delaware Basin, reduce power cost and carbon footprint, and increase runtime.

Our Response:
The project included a deep analysis of Devon’s private power grid and dynamic load characteristics. Omnia and Devon developed a renewable energy solution  that would reduce operating expenses and carbon footprint, and increase runtime through the inclusion of battery storage. The solution included a report on the energy harvested from the solar photovoltaic array, a detailed capital cost estimate, a robust economic evaluation, and an environment assessment.

Devon entered into an  Agreement with Omnia to construct a 5 MW solar photovoltaic array with a 0.5 MW lithium-ion battery directly connected to the Devon’s private power grid.